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Yorkshire Terrier

Posted On July - 5 - 2011

The Yorkshire is intelligent and energetic like all terriers. They have some special features that separate them from the other breeds so, naturally, they have needs which are characteristic to their breed. They are balanced dogs with a general good disposition. They are noisy dogs so you should think twice before buying one.

They need a lot of grooming so make sure you make time for this. Because they have a long coat they need to be brushed daily and to take frequent baths. In order to keep their hygiene you should shave them or trim their coat shorter.

Because of it difficult hair you need to brush it every day to prevent tangles from forming. By brushing the coat you will clean it. You have to bathe it every week especially on the side where urine collects, that only happens at males. In order to keep that area clean takes a cloth and dump it in worm water after which you can start removing the urine from the coat. To get that area dry use a hair dryer and brush the hair while using the dryer.

Every day you need to clean its eyes because they form mucus which is toxic to the hair. Just stoke a cloth or a ball of cotton in worm water and wash the corner of its eyes. If you will not do this the hair which has mucus on will rotten.

Check the dog’s ears by taking it to the vet, he will look for excessive mitts and wax. After he has removed the excess wax he will have to pluck the hair from its ears. Another unusual thing that you have to do for this dog is trim the hair from its feet shorter.

The Yorkshire needs special attention to its eyes and ears. Make sure hair does not get into the dogs eyes, if it does trim it. They need regular brushing of their teeth, this helps them prevent tartar from building up. In order to do this the right way ask your vet for the right toothpaste and toothbrush.

They do not eat much so the food you provide them must be of great quality. Consider buying it a dog coat for the winter because they do not have an undercoat to keep them worm. If you have any other pets you should know that this terrier does not tolerate them.

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