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Welsh Terrier

Posted On July - 2 - 2011

The Welsh Terrier is a dog who likes games, is always attentive to what is going on around it and at the same time it is friendly and disciplined. This breed is medium size and it is usually used for hunting. The Welsh is an intelligent dog and like all the terrier you have to keep it busy is order to keep it out of trouble. It loves its family and likes to please it. Socializing from an early age is very important for the Welsh Terrier.

Males and females have the same weight, 20 pounds. The height of a male is about 14 inches and the height of a female is on average between 14 and 14 ½ inches.

The head
The head of the Welsh terrier is rectangular with small brown eyes shaped like almonds. The eyes are far apart and well set into the head. The ears are v shaped and a quite thick and they are close to the face. The muzzle who is also square is one half the size of the head if you measure from the tip of the nose to the occipital.

The size of the body
The neck is proportionate with the neck which is medium in size, thick and arched. It has no excessive skin on the neck. Both the front and the rear legs are straight. The front legs are muscular similar with the ones of a cat. The rear legs are well developed, muscular, sporty like.

The fur of the boxer
The boxer has short and stiff fur. The fur is very dense and wiry on the legs, muzzle and quarters. It can come in a combination of two colors, black or tan. The tan is present on the head, the legs and the quarters and the black is present on the neck, back, tail and upper thighs.

Terriers are dogs who do not have serious health problems. If you have a terrier who suffered from a certain condition you should consult a veterinarian about the possibility of passing along the disease to the puppies. The good news is that if a terrier has a genetic problem it can be fixed unlike the other breeds.

We recommend this dog to you if you have a family an especially children because they will perfect you and play with your children. They do not needs much grooming so you won’t lose a lot of time doing that also it is a very healthy dog.

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