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Tibetan Mastiff

Posted On September - 13 - 2011

The Tibetan Mastiff is a very intelligent dog who is always independent and always with a strong will. The dog is light footed which means that it can run very fast and it is also powerful and balanced. It makes an excellent watch dog because it is very protective of its family and it is not a fan of strangers. Even though it can scare dogs it is not shy it actually attacks the intruder if he is invading its space. In the past they were used very often as guard dogs.

Size and dimensions
Both males and females Tibetan Mastiff weight on average between 140 and 170 pounds. The females of this breed are smaller than the males with about 24 inches in length while the males can reach up to 26 inches. The shape of the dog’s body is similar to a rectangular because of the size of the rear withers which are a bit longer than the ground writhers.

The head
The head of the Tibetan Mastiff is heavy and string giving it a noble and intelligent expression. The eyes are set far apart one from the other, found in any shade of brown. The eyes are positioned deeply into the skull and they are very expressive because of their almond shape. The ears are pointing up when the dog is alert and dropped forward when the dog is relaxed, they have a v shape.
The fur can be only these colors: blue, tan, grey or brown. There are of course different shades of brown and different shades of blue or grey.

The neck and legs
The neck is muscular and arched into the angled shoulders. The chest is slightly wide and deep. The legs of the Tibetan Mastiff are cat like, toned with strong bones and muscles. The rear of the dog in muscular and can have one or two dewclaws. The tail is not so long, it is medium and does not go further than the hock joint. When the dog is in motion the tail curls on the side or on the back.

The fur

This breed has a double layer of coat. The outside layer is coarse and covers the soft and silky layer beneath it. The first layer, the one near the skin, sheds in the summer so the fur in not so heavy. The furs of the coat are always straight and come in the following colors: blue grey, black and brown. They have white spots like most dogs have on the chest and toes.

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