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The Siberian Husky

Posted On June - 9 - 2011

Siberian Husky is a breed of Nordic dogs who impresses very much by their blue metallic eyes and the facial expression. These dogs are not for everybody as they have an extremely independent nature and are recognized as being very difficult to train. The dogs from this breed kept mostly the wild animal instinct and the desire to go whenever their instincts bear them. That’s why it is indicated to use a leash every time you will walk them.

Their master has to be a person with a strong personality ready to face the stubbornness of these dogs and to accept rather to be a “companion” than a master for the Siberian Husky. Also, this dogs is not recommended for those persons who won’t take time for long outdoor walks and for taking care of them as they need activity and exercises or otherwise they’ll get bored and start making damages in your house- they will start chewing different objects or if you keep them in the yard probably will dig exactly in the area you’ve planted the roses.

The Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog, compact but agile with a thick and bushy fur keeping much of the features his wild relative, the wolf has. The body is well proportioned and a right aplomb combines the speed, resistance and sinew for making him an excellent dog for the sledge and entering him in the “working dogs” category .The male is generally most “stocky” than the female who is more supple without being fragile. The colors they might have vary from black to white, red, brown, grey or beige with a variety of spots. The face and the bottom of their body are usually white. Their eyes resemble almonds being obliquely upwards. It is not mandatory that all Siberian Husky have blue eyes they can be also brown, amber or even a combination between a blue one and a brown one. Their fur is thick enough to resist till down to -60 degree temperatures.

The Siberian Husky breed kept his integrity over the time more than other Nordic dogs thanks to a special selection by castration of the less successful copies and use for reproduction only of the beautiful ones. The Siberian Husky has a predisposition for hip dysplasia and also for eye disorders between which the juvenile cataracts and corneal dystrophy are the most frequent. Usually the short fur of these dogs is easy to groom and care but in springs and autumns they shed abundant and then it is recommended a daily grooming with a metal comb. Also because of their fur they prefer to live in cold climates and don’t have to make an excessive effort when torrid weather.

Afoot, Siberian Husky dogs give the feeling of “floating” at the ground surface, running on a correct trot, apparently without effort. In repose, they have a proud position of the body and head, inspiring power and agility.

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