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The American Foxhound

Posted On December - 15 - 2013

The American Foxhound is a scent hound bred to hunt foxes and which originates from its cousin, the English Foxhound. The history of this dog in America is actually linked to great personalities like President George Washington, which received some specimens from the Marquis de Lafayette, and which were descended from a 300-year old breed kept by Robert Brooke. When they were crossed with French hounds, they became what we know today as American Foxhound.

The dimensions of the American Foxhound can vary, but standards say they should measure between 21 and 25 inches in height and about 45-60 pounds in weight. Nevertheless, most dogs will actually have larger dimensions, especially the males. With narrow chest, very long and bony legs, this breed is also known for its long muzzle and large head. The ears are wide and hang down and their eyes are brown or hazel. The coating of this breed is usually medium length and rather hard, or harsh. As for color, the coat is usually a combination of white, tan and black in different patterns, but usually the darker colors are present on its head, ears, part of the face, and on the back.

Unfortunately, the American Foxhound tends to shed a lot of hair, but if you comb and brush them weekly this problem can be reduced. This version is taller and stronger than its English cousin, and though they are generally coated as mentioned above, they can come in any color. In dog competition shows, judges usually look for characteristics like a domed skull, big eyes, long ears, straight muzzle and a rather curved tail. There are other standards as well, but these are the main ones that count.

The American Foxhound can also be a good companion dog because it is gentle and friendly and even gets along excellently with other dogs or animals and children. If you want to own a dog like this, be prepared to multiply your activities, because they usually have a lot of energy and love to play and work. It is actually recommended that you give them enough opportunities to exercise, so they thrive in environments where they have enough space to run around and play. They need to be very well trained, especially where obedience is concerned, but once you establish yourself as the master they will be more dutiful. While the breed is healthy, minor genetic disorders may be present in some dogs, so they need regular checkups and a balanced diet to avoid their becoming overweight.

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