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The American Bulldog

Posted On February - 28 - 2013

The American Bulldog is a type of dog breed that is not only very suitable as a companion, but is also used as a working dog in various fields. This breed is well-built and muscular and has a large head with thick muzzle. The coat of an American Bulldog is short and smooth, but it may vary slightly depending on pedigree. Males can reach a maximum height of 20-27 inches, whereas females don’t exceed 20-24 inches. Their lifespan is about 10 to 15 years and litter size usually varies between seven and fourteen puppies.

This dog is a good companion and an intelligent animal, capable of accomplishing various tasks if well trained. Most American Bulldogs are white with patches of brown, red or brindle, but in the last few years, specimens with patterns of black, fawn and various shades of brindle have appeared. They generally don’t shed too much hair, but they do need regular brushing. An American Bulldog usually has brown eyes, but there are instances when the animal suffers from heterochromia and has one or both eyes blue. This aspect can be considered a defect of pedigree by certain breed standards, so the dog cannot participate in competitions.

Breeders also seem to prefer their American Bulldog to have the classical black spots around the eyes and nose, but this also depends on the type of Bulldog you have: the Bully or the Standard. The Bully is bigger and heavier and its muzzle is even shorter, whereas the Standard is more athletic and has a square head; most contemporary breeds are a hybrid of the two. Indifferent of category, the American Bulldog can drool more than other dogs and can weigh as much as 54 kilograms.

American Bulldogs are good companions and they become very loyal to their owners; however, they need a lot of attention in return, because they like to spend their energy with different activities. They are usually social, friendly and confident, which makes them great family dogs; this, and their rather emotional personality helps them become very attached to their owners and form strong bonds. Their muscles are so strong that they can jump up to seven feet vertically. Because they were originally bred to guard farms and catch loose cattle, they need to be socialized as pups and helped to grow very docile and friendly. All they need is a lot of love and attention and good training habits from early age.

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