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The American Akita

Posted On November - 20 - 2013

If you want to have around a dog that can be easily trained and taught to bark only on your command, or when alerting you to intruders or potential danger, then maybe you will like to consider purchasing an American Atika.

The first thing you need to know is that this breed is considered to originate from the Japanese Akita, which is the Akita Inu. These days, both breeds can be found in specialized breeders and people can select among them for the puppies they want to purchase and that they consider to suit their lifestyles. The American Akitas are somehow different from the original Japanese Akitas and mostly the differences between them refer to their appearance, size and weight.

Generally, the physical characteristics of this breed are tied to the cold weather conditions exiting in the northern region of Japan, where the American Akita is said to originate. You should know that these dogs are double-coated and the undercoat is shorter and thicker than the outer coat. The colors you will see on these dogs’ coat are clear and rich, and mostly they refer to various color pairings which include white as basic color. Just like the dogs belonging to Akita Inu breed, the American Akitas need regular exercise, so that they can waste their energy and stay docile, instead of turning into destructive or aggressive animals. Training is essential in teaching these dogs to respect owners, as well as other pets and people outside the family. The American Akita is very courageous and strong and it needs appropriate training, in order to be taught when to bark and alert owners to potential danger.

If you have kids, you should know that this dog is quite loving and affectionate to all family members, no matter the ages, or whether they are adult or very little. Actually, this dog is protective and friendly to everyone, whom they are familiar with. But, it is very important to teach your kids to respect this dog and avoid hitting or teasing the Akita, as it may return the favor and bite. Anyway, you should know that this dog rarely bites or injuries the owners.

Akitas are known to love freedom, which is why you should give them space and let them stay outdoors as much as you can permit. They like to play all the time or practice various physical exercises, so you can even take them with you when jogging.

For further information regarding this breed, you can go online and find out more about the appropriate care Akitas require from owners.

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