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The Alaskan Malamute

Posted On October - 30 - 2013

When it comes to dog breeds and types, people can choose whatever canine they like more from toy dogs like Spaniels or Terriers to large dogs like Alaskan Malamutes. However, you should know that the reason most dog owners prefer large or small-sized dogs is that these dogs are easier to train and they are very intelligent creatures that can understand owners, when they need to be alone and also safely play with their children. Small dogs have proven to be quite stubborn and independent, which is why owners can have a hard time, when training them to respect various rules, or teaching them to follow their commands.

Small, toy dogs are ideal to have around inside the house, as they need a lot of attention and care, when raising them. They also are more sensitive and delicate, which is why you should keep them warm indoors, when the weather is rainy or cold outside. Unlike toy breeds, large dogs seem to adapt pretty well with conditions both indoors and outdoors and they also tend to resists various weather conditions, from extremely hot temperatures to cold weather.

Among the large breeds that require less attention, when it comes to harsh weather, we should definitely mention the Alaskan Malamute. As the name implies, this breed originates in the Alaskan region, where dogs of this type were used as sled dogs, meaning that they were put to pull sleds over ice or snow. Actually, these days, Alaskan Malamutes still are in the service of pulling sleds over snow in various ice-covered regions of the world. We can say that the Alaskan Malamute is a utilitarian or working dog. You should know that this canine has been compared to the Siberian Husky, but it has several physical characteristics and personality traits which distinguish it from Huskies.

However, if you want to buy a puppy belonging to this breed or adopt an adult canine from a reliable breeder, you should know that this dog requires only a few things in order to care for it, instead it offers you its loyalty, devotion and unconditional love. Moreover, you should find out that this dog is of great help to some people who need to move heavy objects from one place to another. They can stay outdoors in extremely cold temperature thanks to the fact that they are double-coated and present various physical adaptations to cope with harsh weather.

The Alaskan Malamute is a docile, calm dog that can be a great canine companion both for you and your little ones.

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