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The Afghan Hound

Posted On July - 14 - 2013

There are innumerable dog breeds and types one can select among, in order to purchase a puppy to take home. You probably know that some dogs are great to play with little ones, whilst others make good companion dogs for those who want to relax in parks and need a friend to walk with. If you want to find out more about a dog that can be both friendly to children and a playful and loving companion, then stick close and read on this article in which we will present you the Afghan Hound.

From the very beginning you need to know that this dog belongs to a traditional breed with long history. The Afghan Hound distinguishes from other dog types by its unique characteristics and traits and mostly by its fine, thick and silky coat. This dog is known to have been a hunting dog used by Nomadic tribes to hunt small animals they needed in order to ensure their food. So, its unique characteristics and traits seem to have been acquired in the cold mountains of Afghanistan.

These days, this dog makes a loyal and loving companion that many families want to have around. If you want to purchase a puppy belonging to this breed, then there are few important things you definitely need to find out regarding the temperament and behavior of this dog. The first thing you need to know is that this dog seems to be an independent thinker, which is why it can be difficult to train. However, if you want to teach various commands to your dog, you should be extremely patient, as the dogs belonging to this specific breed are reported to learn new things slower than most other dogs. But, you should know that it is by no mean an aggressive or pushy animal, rather a calm and patient dog that is extremely intelligent as well.

Being categorized as hunting dogs, Afghans are agile animals that love to run and jump over various objects, including fences. So, if you have small fences around your yard, you should be very cautious of not having your dog jumping over to your neighbor’s yard. These dogs need to perform regular exercise otherwise they are likely to develop destructive behavior. So, you should let your Afghan Hound stay as much as you can afford outdoors, instead of keeping it in the house.

Nonetheless, these dogs are loyal and loving animals, but they require much attention and affection from their owners, as well.

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