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Terrier Puppy

Posted On June - 29 - 2011

The terrier is a very versatile dog and comes in different colors, sizes and has different appearances. When it comes to young terriers,and by that we mean puppies, you should know that they need a lot of attention and care in order to grow into healthy, well trained dogs.

This breed was originally created to hunt for rodents, to live at a farm. The terrier is used as a working dog. Throwout the years some breeds have give birth to different types of dogs, each one having its own typical behavior and appearance.

Up to this day there are discussion regarding which dog has the most characteristics of the original dog. The oldest terrier breeds, who have been existing for centuries without any alterations are: the Welsh terrier, the Manchester terrier and the border terrier.

There have been identified over 20 types of terriers and among them are: the pit bull, Boston terrier and the Staffordshire bull, all three of them representing dogs who are the result of mixing terriers with bulldogs. The Yorkshire terrier is not considered to be a terrier because because it is not w working breed it is more a toy dog.

The terrier weighs between 4 to 40 lbs and it is usually a medium size dog. All breeds have their own specific characteristics which separates them, physically, one from another. For example, the Jack terrier distinguishing itself through its small chest and long nose.

Terrier puppies are very energetic, love to play with children, stubborn and affectionate. All the terrier breeds are known for their good behavior and good nature but if left untrained they can become aggressive and destructive.

All terrier dogs are very difficult to train which is why they need a owner ready to dedicate a lot of his time into training them. Some breeds can be inclined to be aggressive more that others, such as pit bulls. Special attention is needed for the Airedales who are herding dogs and like all herding dogs they need to be trained in order to prevent them from getting into trouble.

When you decide to buy a puppy make sure you do a serious research on their parents because this way you will be able to prevent any problems that may occur in the future and also find out as much as possible information about the breed. If you do that you will have no problem in choosing a puppy.

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