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Posted On July - 30 - 2011

The Shitzu is the type of dog which brings joy and happy unexpected moments into your family. The special thing about this dog is that it has some particular needs which you have to learn. This needs separate them from the rest of the dog breeds. It is best to know how to take care of a Shitzu before it comes into your family just to make it easier for him to adjust in its new environment. Here is what you need to know if you want to add this dog to your family.

Brush its hair every day because the Shitzu has a difficult fur which tangles easily. In case the fur tangles you can use a special pray which makes your work easier, it detangles the coat. Make sure you clean its eyes and mouth on a regular basis. You have to remove food that can get attached on the hair while eating, also remove the mucus around the eyes. You can remove both problems by taking a cloth, soaking it in some worm water and begin whipping till the mucus or food is gone.

Shitzu dogs make good companions but they need exercise and attention. You need to give it special attention every day because if you do not it will become depressed. Make sure you take it into a fenced yard or around the area where you live so it can do the exercises that it needs. You can try walks or go with it in a park and play.

Whatever styles you may choose for your dog’s hair make sure that the one located around the eyes it is short. You must cut it short around the eyes because it can cause irritations or even infections. The thing is that hair full of dust or dirt can get into the eye thus causing some eye infections.

As you can see they Shitzu dog is like all other dogs just that it has a couple of different needs. Make sure you take it to the vet to have all its shots done. You need to bathe it, groom it and provide your dog a lot of love. Before you purchase a puppy or a Shitzu adult research on the internet or consult your vet just to make sure that you are providing it what it needs to be happy.

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