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Shar-Pei Dogs

Posted On June - 9 - 2011

Shar-Pei breed has his originated in China, most probably in Dialak town. For hundreds of years this breed was used for hunting and guard in provinces of southern Greater China.

Shar-Pei dogs are distinguished through their short, rough and tousled fur which gives them unique appearance of wrinkled dogs and can have a thickness of up to 2.5 cm. Right and acceded to the body only near the legs the fur mustn’t be trimmed because there is not a second coat! As Chow-Chow dogs, Shar-Pei have dark tongue (color blue-black).

Active with a compact appearance, Shar-Pei are medium sized dogs, males being generally stronger than females. They can height 44-51cm (the height is about equal to the body length) and weights 18-25 kg. The life expectancy for these dogs is of 10 years and a female will usually give birth at 4 or 6 puppies.
It’s easy to recognize a Shar-Pei: his skull is covered with wrinkles, has small forward directed ears and his muzzle reminds us a hippopotamus. The tile is twisted forming a wreath. Shar-Pei puppies have even more wrinkles but some of them disappear along with ages.

Shar-Pei is predisposed at allergic skin diseases. Dermatitis may occur after inhalation of allergen, have food allergies, flea beat sensitivity or any of the combinations. They are also very sensitive at high temperatures.

Intelligent and curious, Shar-Pei dog is calm, independent, loyal and attached to the family they belong to. They are very clean dogs and don’t like mess but neither water to much so they will try to avoid a bath. The weekly brushing is enough. You have to keep this dog very clean and the folds of his wide skin require special care.

Sometimes dominant, even aggressive towards other dogs, Shar-Pei is a good home dog as long as his daily training is respected. They are also stubborn and suspicious of strangers and have a great territorial sense. You won’t regret if you choose such a dog as you’ll receive a lot of affection and love from him.

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