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Posted On July - 1 - 2011

The Schnauzers is known to be both a working dog but also a good companion for your family. The characteristic that distinguishes them is the strange facial hair, it is also interesting to know that they come in different sizes and breeds. Weather it is a miniature schnauzer or a giant schnauzer they have been used as farm dogs or as pets for centuries.

This breed dates from 1800 and originates from Germany. Since the beginning it has only existed the normal schnauzer but at one point someone started to breed the standard schnauzer with a breed of toy dog and a affenpinschers and thus resulted the miniature schnauzer. The giant schnauzer was resulted after a mix between the standard schnauzer and a black Great Dane or other large dogs. The reason why people thought of the miniature Schnauzer is because they wanted both a house pet and a rodent hunter in the area of their home.

This type of dog has three different names and they are all related to the size of the dog, we have: the miniature schnauzer, the standard schnauzer and the giant schnauzer. The smallest in the group, the miniature schnauzer, weighs around 15 pound and can reach up to 14 inches in height. The standard schnauzer can reach up to 40 pounds and has a height of 18 inches. Last but not least we have the giant schnauzer who weighs between50 to 70 pounds and has an average height of 26 inches.

Miniature schnauzers are perfect if you have a small house or live in an apartment because they do not take much space nut you do have to keep entertained because they are very energetic. Giant schnauzer are ideal for big house with lots of green space because they need a lot of space to run and to be able to do their daily exercises which should take at least an hour. If you want a good watch dog for your yard the standard schnauzer is your dog, it is also very protective of its owner.

Schnauzers are used and seen differently. In Germany they are used as working dogs at the farm. They are used at catching rats and guarding the farm. On the other hand in America this dog is used as a pet because it is considered a terrier. The most common breed you will found used as pets is the miniature schnauzer.

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