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Posted On August - 29 - 2011

The Samoyed is a very intelligent dog who is loyal and always ready so serve you. It is nor aggressive at all, nor shy, it is a working breed. This type of dog is used to working in very cold climates which is why it is so heavy and resistant to the harsh weather. The eyes, ears and mouth give it a cartoon like appearance. It raises it ears when it is alert and its eye become shinny.

This dog is quite heavy for it size but only to be able to resist to the many minus degrees. The height of the Samoyed is different at females and males. The male is 21 to 23 ½ inches at the withers and the female is between 19 to 21 inches at the withers. The Samoyed is 5 inches long than its height, females are a bit longer than males, 26 inches long.

The head or the skull is wedge shaped and look like and equilateral triangle. The muzzle is medium in length and it tappers toward its black nose. It has black lips which curve at both ends. The eyes are almond shaped and are set far apart, the color is dark. The dogs eyes are surrounded by black rims and are very deep pushed into the skull. The ears are v shaped, thick and are rounded at the tips.

The neck of the dog is very muscular and strong and it holds it in a straight position all the time giving it a constant proud look. The legs are quite long with arched toes and thick though pads. The shoulders are angular shaped meaning that when they lay back they for an angular of 45 degrees.

The Samoyed has a coat with long hair and it is very dense. The first layer of coat which is closer to the skin is very soft and has the texture of wool. The outside layer consists of straight long hair and stands out from the rest of the body. They have a silver shed. The females have a softer fur than the males. The Samoyed is mostly white but they can be found in cream colors or white and mild cream or just mild cream.

They are excellent dogs but we advise you not to buy one if you do not live in a cold climate because you will make them suffer. They are working dogs so you will have a little help around the house who is loyal and always eager to please.

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