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Saint Bernard

Posted On September - 12 - 2011

The Saint Bernard is the heaviest dog in the world and it is not recommended for people who are buying a dog for the first time. Even though we have seen this breed in many movies the truth is that it does not integrate very well in the average family. It is a very picky dog, it needs a lot of attention,time and you have to invest a lot of money in it. They are very intelligent which means that they get bored very easy. If you do not entertain them or exercise with them they will start to develop an unhealthy behavior.

Saint Bernards come from Switzerland and are known to exist since 1500. At the beginning they were not called so, the name of Saint Bernard was adopted in 1880 from the monastery St. Bernard’s Pass situated in the Swiss Alps where it is thought the breed was born. It is thought to be the descended of the extinct breed Molossian who was probably mixed with a Napolitan mastiff.

Nowadays scientist search the reason why Saint Bernards were created. It is known that Saint Bernards were actually used by monks for companionship, to guard them and to rescue them. Regular people use them mostly as pets but they are also used in the entertainment industry and for light activities.

They are very massive, the have a big head, a big black nose, small eyes, droopy ears and a blocky and blunt body. You can only find them in two colors: white and orange red. The Saint Bernard has two layers of fur, one of short hair and the other one with long hair. The live up only to the age of nine and they have an excellent sens of smell. Keep in mind that this dog needs a lot of space to consume all his energy.

The most common diseases the Saint Bernards are exposed to are: heart problems, hip dysplasia, eyelid problems, skin problems and wobbler syndrome. In order to avoid any of this problems or others that may appear keep in mind that this dog was created to live in areas with cold temperature, so any warm are will harm him even if he is left only with his short skin.

If you live in an area where there are mountains or where the temperature is always cold than you can buy this dog. He will make an excellent guard dog, it will protect you and it will always be loyal to you.

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