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Posted On September - 29 - 2011

At one point the Mastiff dogs were fighting dogs, now they are companions which love their family very much. It is a very intelligent breed who can protect his loved ones with calm and it is also great with children. Because of its size you should supervise it if you have toddlers. They are not big fans of strangers which is why they will refuse to let them. They will let their guard down only if they are specifically accepted by its family. If you plan on buying other dogs you should buy the mastiff and the other dogs from an early age because they bond better. Be careful not to trigger separation anxiety issues because it may happen since the Mastiff is a companionship lover. This breed is difficult to train but it can be done just with lot of patience coming from the owner.

The Mastiff dog is quite large and the males are bigger and more massive than the females. Males weigh about 160 pounds while females weigh up to 150 pounds. The height of the female is of 27 ½ inches and the males height is of 30 inches. The Mastiff is a tall dog, whoever the height is not due to its long legs it is because of the depth of its body. Because the dog is so massive it has very strong bones and heavy musculature in order to be able to support the weight of its body.

The head is wide and has a massive appearance. The ears are v shaped and rounded at the tip, but quite small compared to his head. The eyes are small and set apart. The Mastiff has a very muscular and powerful neck which increases in breadth and connects with the shoulders. The feet from the rear are very muscular, like all of its body and the front feet of the dog are compact, with black nails and arched toes. The legs are set apart and the tail make a small curve when it is up.

This breed comes in only three colors: brindle, apricot and fawn. They have a double layer of coat: the outer coat is short and the undercoat is short and dense. They can have a white spot on their chest but it is nit very common. If they have an apricot or fawn fur the brindle can create dark stripes which are very noticeable.

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