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Posted On July - 29 - 2011

The Lundehund is a species of dog which comes from Norway and it is the rarest dog in the world. In the north part of Norway they were used to hunt puffins which were important because farmers did not have any other kind of meet in their diet. Their role of hunters, however, came to an end in the 1800 when hunting was banned because puffins were declared protected species. Because they were of no use they were forgotten for a little while, until 1943 when two citizens of Norway thought that this dog has much to offer to people.

In 1943 the Lundehund was recognized as a dog breed. Nowadays this dog is mostly used as a house pet because of its loving nature towards people. At first sight the Lundehund may seem a normal dog but in time it has adapted and certain changes can be observed.

The Lundehund can weigh between 15 to 20 lbs and can reach about one foot in height. As far as legs are concerned they are long and thick. The length of the dog is the same as its height and the tail is less than a half of the dog. The interesting thing about this species is that it has six toes with two declaws. Actually this thing is the element which defines this species. Because of its six toes it has more stability on unstable grounds.

This type of dog is equipped with two layers of fur: an outer layer and an under layer. The outer layer is medium size in length, oily to the touch and tightly covering the body. It has an oily fur because that is the way it had to be when it was living in cold climate, it protected its body from the salty spray and water. The color of the fur is a shade of red with white and black spots. The white spots are placed on the toes, the belly and throat while the black spots are placed on the tail and back. As the dog ages the amount of black fur covering the body increases.

The head
The head of the dog in not big or small it is moderate provided with a tall dome which slopes into a flat plane as it passes down to the muzzle. The muzzle makes it look like a fox. The ears are more articulate and mobile than those of the other dogs. The eyes are deep brown and are placed in front of the skull.

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