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Posted On November - 3 - 2011

Jindo is a Korean dog which is considered a rare species in the north of America. They have common features with the Akita dog and with the Shiba Inu. So, if you see a combination of the two you may be looking at a Jindo. They can live for a very long time, up to 15 years is they are well taking care of. It is a very loving and loyal dog which is the perfect profile for a family pet, they are also independent.

In order to make sure that everything is all right with your dog take it to regular checkups and make sure it has all its vaccines up to date. You can also exam it from time to time in the comfort of your home by looking at the dog’s ears, skin, teeth, gums and nose.

Like all dogs you should consider getting it neutered. If you neuter females before their first heat you will reduce the chances of it developing breast cancer, uterine infections and ovarian cancer. If you neuter your male you will prevent it from testicular cancer, curb aggression and maintain the prostate in a healthy stage.

The teeth of the Jindo have to be cleaned every six months so you should take it to the veterinarian to have this procedure done. If you want to do it yourself then ask your vet for a recommended schedule and advice on what cleaning products are the most appropriate for your pet.

The food you use to feed your Jindo has to be high quality, with no preservatives. If you decide to make its food at home make sure the meals are balanced and that it gets the crabs, fibers, and proteins fats and vitamins it needs.

In order to prevent any problems in your dogs behavior make sure you have it trained from a very early age. They tend to have a mind of their own which is why a firm, but not harsh, training is recommended.

They need their daily exercises and walk so make sure you provide them. If you live in an apartment it will not be a problem just as long as you take them for walks and play with them.

The good news is that you do not have to bathe them on a regular basis because they like to clean themselves and they don’t have a habit of getting dirty.

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