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Jack Russell Terrier

Posted On August - 31 - 2011

The Jack Russell terrier is a type of dog which is reasonable when it comes to maintenance. You have to be firm when you train them because they tend to test your limits; also you have to be kind. If you are the type of owner which adores its dog then this type of breed is not for you.

Jack Russell’s are full of energy and like to be around visitors. Before you bring it into someone’s home make sure you prepare them because they tend to jump on people whenever they get the chance.

Like all terriers you have to be careful about giving it too much food and making it gain weight. They should have a proper diet to stay fit because if they become overweight they will start to develop arthritis and heart problems. Document yourself about the health problems that a terrier may have. The most common health issues you will find are: cardiomyopathy, epilepsy, glaucoma, patellar luxation, Von Willebrand’s disease, cataracts, skin allergies or infections and different types of allergies.

Brushing of the fur must be done daily in order to prevent heavy shedding. There are three different types of fur: rough, broken and smooth. Out of all this types the smooth fur sheds the most but all coats shed all year round.

You should bathe your dog whenever you see that the coat is dirty. The best part is that you can do it by yourself in the comfort of your home. Trim the dog´s nails once a month to prevent any foot infections.

Make sure that you do not leave the dog alone for a long period f time because they are known to be diggers and you might come home to a yard with bog holes in it.
You can keep the terrier indoors or out but if you keep it outside make sure you have a secure yard because they tend to chase everything.

They can live up to 15 years old if they are properly taken care of. They may look small but they can reach up to 130 pounds. They are very intelligent and are not afraid of anything. If you do not have time to spare do not buy this dog because it will not be happy. If you have one surround it with people and lots of attention and it will be happy.

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