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Irish Water Spaniels

Posted On June - 30 - 2011

The Irish Water Spaniels are not big fans of strangers but they will not be aggressive toward them. This dog is very alert which is why it need something to do every day just to keep it away from trouble. If you have children then you do not need to worry because they are excellent around children and also around pets, but a little socialization is needed from an early age. Make sure you have a swimming pool and if you can not afford one at least buy a plastic swimming pool for children because they love water. Once you have finished training it you will have a very mannered pet for your loved ones.

This type of dog is also part of the highly intelligent breed which means that it is resistant and that it is always looking for something to do. It has a dense fur on the body, smooth on the face and nose and long curls which is the distinctive character of this breed.

When is comes to weight and size males are bigger than females. Females can reach up to 21 to 23 inches in height while males can reach up to 24 inches tall. Males weigh between 55 to 65 pounds while females weigh on average between 45 to 58 pounds.

The coat which covers the dogs body is double because it protects the skin from different elements. The neck, back, rear and sides are covered with curly, dense fur. The back of the legs are also covered in curly fur only it is not so dense. This breed comes in only one color which is solid liver, it does not have white spots. The hair on the face is very short and smooth thus contributing to the intelligent and alert expression of its face.

Their head is not shaped as a wedge, it as a clean look. The head is equipped with big dark eyes which have the shape of an almond. The ears are very long, so long that if you extend the forward they touch the nose. The ears are covered with a smooth and curly fur. Their legs are very long and strong. The feet from the rear are spread out and thick while the front feet are large an slightly spread.

They are perfect as pets but if you want to enjoy it and its full potential make sure you get it trained because they can become destructive otherwise.

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