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Irish Setter

Posted On September - 4 - 2011

The Irish Setter is a sporty dog with a touch of aristocracy. This type of dog is stable and always outgoing. It does not show any signs of shyness, timidity or hostility. The setter is full of energy which means it needs its daily exercise and activities which keep it active. If you do not have an active family that you should reconsider getting this type of dog.

The Iris setter is the result of a mixture between Irish terrier, English terrier, Irish water spaniel, Gordon and spaniel pointer.

The Irish Setter is a very elegant dog and reaches about two feet in height. The fur of the dog is straight and very shinny and in order to keep in that way it needs daily grooming.

Weight and height
Male setters are bigger than female setters, they have about 27 inches in height and weigh up to 70 pounds. Females are smaller and can reach only 25 inches in height and can weigh up to 60 pounds. The length of the dog is bigger that the height. Female Irish setters are more feminine and less muscled than males.

The head
The head is very long and lean, it is actually twice as long as the length between the ears. What gives the setter that beautiful face is the chisels on the cheeks, eyes and muzzle. The eyes are dark brown, medium size and are almond shaped. The ears are very thin and are folded to the front of the head when the dog is not alert. The nose is either black or brown with wide nostrils.

The neck of the Irish is very strong and arched. The neck is not thick and it fits perfectly into the shoulders. The tail is very long and can even reach the hocks of the legs. The chest is medium is size, is not so deep and reaches the elbows.

The fur
The length of the coat is medium except the head and legs where it is short. The hair is long and silky of the ears, legs and a bit fringe on the tail and belly. The colors of the Irish setter are red chestnut and mahogany. They can have white spots on their legs, chest and throat.

They are very intelligent dogs so if you consider getting one make sure you have enough time for them. They are extremely energetic so you need a big back yard so it can do its thing.

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