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How to Successfully Remove Pet Odors

Posted On April - 12 - 2013

Pets are loyal companions for children as well as adults. While some pets are low maintenance others require a lot of taking care of. Furthermore cleaning after a pet can be quite troublesome. Still we can’t help but love them and we therefore find solutions to integrate them into our lifestyle. Dogs are the most beloved pets but they are also they also require constant care. No matter how clean you try to keep a dog, you will never be able to rid it of its particular smell. While getting the dog smell out of clothes is an easy task, removing the smell from your car is more difficult. In order to solve this problem and avoid it in the future you should follow a few basic instructions.

1. Train your pet

The first time you take your dog on a car ride can be an unpleasant experience. Its natural curiosity as well as its fear for the unknown will make it impossible for your pet to stand still. He will want to investigate and smell every inch of your car. The experience can become even more unpleasant if your dog will urinate in your vehicle. Even if it is house trained , the pet will not realize that the same rules apply for the car. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations try to familiarize your pet with the car. Let him inspect the car before going on an actual ride. If your dog shows signs that he wants to urinate remove him from the car immediately. Repeat this process several times.

2. Vacuum frequently

In most cases, unpleasant odors are caused by dirt and pet hair that get stuck on the carpet or on wet floors. If you are a busy person and you don’t have time to vacuum several times per week, consider getting the best robot vacuum for pet hair. Robotic vacuums are very efficient and they can save you a lot of time, as you can program it to vacuum whenever it is convenient for you. The best robot vacuum for pet hair should have a special filter, preferably a HEPA filter in order to also capture pet dander. Whether or not you are allergic to it, pet dander is not something that you want in your home.

3.Professional odor removal

After having taken your pet on a car ride your vehicle will probably smell very bad. If your dog has urinated in the car then you will have an even harder time trying to remove the smell. However there is a very simple solution for pet smell removal. Ozone generators are very efficient in removing pet odor from different materials. Using such a solution is a rather simple task. All you have to do is leave the generator within the car for about three hours. During this time the ozone molecules will penetrate the affected materials and will remove all traces of the unpleasant odor. Ozone is an oxygen compound therefore for an effective odor removal you should leave a car window slightly opened in order to ensure a fresh flow of oxygen.

4. Choosing the right ozone generator

Ozone generators can be used to freshen other areas as well not just the car. It can also eliminate smoke odors, persistent garbage smells and even mold. However in order for the machine to properly succeed to eliminate a smell it must be adequate for the size of the room. A generator that is fit for the car will not work for a large room and leaving it on for a longer period of time will also be fruitless. Before purchasing an ozone generator do a little research in order to make the right choice for you. Last but not least be very careful when using it because it can be quite harmful. Before using an ozone generator vacate the room of all humans and pets. After having used it, allow the room some breathing time before going back in.


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