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How to care for a Maltese

Posted On August - 19 - 2011

Maltese dogs make ideal pets because they are always lovable, friendly and intelligent. Even thou they are so small they are very good at protecting they house because they have a well developed sense of smell. Because it is a hardy breed it does not inherited diseases from other dogs. If they are well taken care of they can live up to the age of ten.

Take it regularly to the vet to have all its shots done. The thing you have to be careful with is its eyes so when you go to the vet also ask the doctor to check its eyes for any infections. The check up can be done at home also, you have to be attentive o its eyes, ears, teeth, gums and nose. Ask your doctor to give you the best advice on worming and to tell you what is the most appropriate flea product for this breed.

They have very sensitive teeth so you should brush them very day with a special toothpaste and toothbrush. You should also put up a special schedule along with your vet for teeth scaling. This type of dog is predisposed to infection of the gums and decays. If they are left untreated they can affect the heart and kidneys. You can prevent all this also by giving it special biscuits or toys which are specially designed to keep you dog’s teeth healthy.

If you do not want puppies from your female Maltese make sure you neuter her before her first heat because that way you prevent breast cancer and uterine infections. If you want to neuter your male dog you should also do it before its first heat because you will reduce the chances of it developing testicular cancer and curbs aggression.

The food you give to your dog must include meat as its main ingredient and it has to be of great quality. It is advisable that you give it only dry food but if you want you can mix canned food with the dry food. The reason why you should give it more dry food than moist is that the dry one prevents tartar from building on the dog´s teeth. Avoid feeding it with treats which have a high level of fats.

Brush they hair daily in order to maintain that healthy look and trim the nail on a length which feels comfortable to the dog.

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