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How to care for a Canaan Dog

Posted On July - 21 - 2011

The Canaan dog is most found in Israel where its job is to herd sheep. They make very good watch dogs because they have a natural instinct of keeping strangers away from their property. They are appropriate for a family because they like children, they like living in a family and they do not mind other animal as long as you socialize it with them from an early age. They can live up to 12 years if they are proper taken care of.

If you research on the internet or ask a vet you will learn that you need to brush its teeth every day. For this you will need toothpaste which is especially made for dogs and toothpaste just as special. By brushing its teeth you prevent plaque to build up and other teeth problems which can appear and become serious if you do not clean them. Do not worry that you have to use a certain technique when you brush its teeth you should brush them the same way you brush yours. The toothpaste was designed to be swallowed by the dog with no problem.

The coat of the Canaan also needs you attention. You have to brush it once a week especially when it enters the shedding period. Other than that your dog’s fur does not need much attention. Besides from brushing you will have to bathe it once every two month using a soft dog shampoo.

When it comes to food the Canaan needs a diet kind of food. They need this type of food in order to maintain they health and their intense level of activity. The main ingredient in its meal has to be meat, fish or poultry. Whatever you do don’t feed it people food or scraps from the table because it’s not good for them.

Your dog needs to do a lot of activities in order to maintain it’s mental and body health. Runs or jogs are perfect for them, you can even add a weight collar when you do this and they will love it. They need a big back yard and a lot of toys but this are not enough, you have to play with it. If you do not provide it with all this or with lots of physical activities in general it will get bored and start to destroy different thing in your home.

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