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How to care for a Bernese mountain dog

Posted On September - 22 - 2011

The Bernese mountain dog is a loyal and lovable companion. It is the type of dog which fits perfectly into a family and who needs to be actively involved in all the family┬┤s activities. They are very attentive and learn quickly but they grow into mature dogs, as far as behavior is concerned, slow. If you get this dog you will only enjoy it as an adult just a couple of years.

These are the main things that you should do when purchasing the Bernese mountain dog:

1. The first thing you should do is take it to the vet to have all its needed shots done. Make sure you take it regularly to the vet and do not forget to do its yearly booster shots. Ask your vet what flea products are best for your dog.

2. You should only feed it high quality food if you want your pet to stay healthy, make sure that meat is the main ingredient. The percentage that should be found in your dogs every day meal is the usual: 4 % fiber, 30 % raw protein and 20 % raw fat.

3. The Bernese does not do well isolated or ignored so include it in your daily activities because it likes to spend all its time with its family.

4. After you have bought your puppies start thinking about training them because they are big and you want them to be house trained. They are not hard to train because all they want is to please you.

5. Take into consideration that the Bernese takes a long time to mature which is why you should be patient and gentle during its training. Under no circumstances use a harsh training method because they are sensitive.

6. From an early age start the socialization process because the Bernese tends to be a bit shy around people if it is not used with them.

7.Do not forget the dogs daily exercise, it does not need to run or so any intense activities it is very pleased if you just walk with it a couple of times a day.

8. They have a big and fluffy fur so you need to brush it every day in order to prevent heavy shedding. They shed heavily twice a year and they do not need frequent bathing because they clean themselves. You have to trim its nail one every three weeks.

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