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Fila Brasileiro

Posted On August - 4 - 2011

This breed, the Fila Brasileiro, originates from the English Mastiff which existed in the 15th century and also from the breeds bulldog and bloodhound. This dog is excellent at tracking, it will not attack its pray until the hunter arrives and gives his command. Because of his flappy upper lip he appears mastiff.

This type of dog has a rectangular body shape covered with a short, dense and smooth fur. The average weight of the Fila Brasileiro is between 90 and 110 pounds and can grow up to 29 ½ inches. The breed comes in fewer colors: brindle, fawn and black and it is a sold dog. The bridle fur may present different types of stripes and it can have or not have a black mask. You may encounter Filas which have white markings. You can tell if the dog is Fila Brasileiro if the white markings are only found on the feet, tip of the tail and chest.

Always look for the specific characteristics of the breed such as the skin. The skin of this dog is loose all over the body and it is very thick. The place where the loose skin is the most pronounced is the neck. The are some dogs who have a skin which folds till the abdomen or chest.

Another thing you should pay attention when you see a Fila is its temperament. Even though this dog is very mastiff and courageous it is a very loyal companion when it comes to his family. This type of breed is very attached to his owner and it is always ready to attach, to protect him, if he thinks that his safeness is in jeopardy.

The good news is that you do not have to train this dog. The nature of this dog is to protect his owner so you do not need to worry about teaching him how to behave. The Fila Brasileiro is not so fond of stranger so you might have to make him socialize from an early age. Even so this will not guaranty that he will learn to accept strangers but you would have made sure to the dog that not every person is a stranger.

If you like to go hunting this is the dog for you and what is more to love about this breed is that it will make a loyal companion. You will not have to worry about stranger as long as you have a Fila around.

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