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Doberman Pinscher

Posted On August - 22 - 2011

The Doberman Pinscher is also known as Dobies. It is gracious and at the same time powerful but they are not so aggressive as they seem to. This kind of dog is not very muscular but it is extremely powerful. It is very energetic so you have to keep it busy at all times. It you have never had a dog don not choose a Doberman because they need to be trained otherwise they can cause trouble. If you have some experience you have nothing to worry about, with proper training they can be very loyal and of great help.

This type of breed was developed in the 1890s by a tax collector called Louis Doberman . As far as we know this man made a mix of the following breeds: Greyhounds, Rottweilers, local herding dogs with short hair and Rottweilers and ended up with the Dobie we know today. Dobermans were used by the German police because of they speed, ability to scare and for their agility.

Dobies are mostly used as guard dogs but they can also be used as pets. Because of their intelligence they can change from guardian dogs to family house pets very easy. They are also very good therapy dogs.

A Doberman weighs between 70 and 80 pounds and they are very large. A smaller version of this breed exists and it is called the miniature Pinscher which is in fact older than the Doberman. Its hairs is very short and shiny and the most common color for the hair is black but you can also find them with arbino or red hair.

A Doberman looks like a miniature horse because of its long legs and its slender figure underneath which hides very solid muscles. Its legs resemble to the legs of a Shepard or a Greyhound. They have very big eyes which are always attentive to everything that happens around them.

The Dobie has a long and slim tail and floppy ears. The tail and the ears were ‘designed’ this way in order to make them look threatening to anyone who tries to harm him or the ones he protects. In several countries the cropping of the ears and docking of the tail has become illegal. In America this things are still being done unfortunately.

If you want a guard dog this is the breed for you but keep in mind that you must train them if you don’t want any problems.

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