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Posted On August - 20 - 2011

The Dalmatian is the easiest dog to recognize out of all breeds. The specific features of this dog are the white coat completed with the dark spots. This dog is very needy when it comes to attention so if you have a busy life do not purchase one because it will start to suffer from separation anxiety. There are no exact dates that indicate the birth of this breed but some clues have made us to believe that they could be older than we think. In Egypt archeologist found painted on the walls dogs which had black spots which may indicate that they could be as old as the Ancient Egypt.

The Dalmatian is a large dog and is not a big fan of sports. The male is larger than the female in height meaning that the make is 27 inches while the female is only between 19 to 24 inches. The male dalmatian also weigh more than a female with 70 pounds where as the female weighs between 45 to 65 pounds. A dalmatian, if it is healthy, can live between 11 to 16 years.

The name of the dalmatian comes from a region in Croatia. The history of this dog is not known so well because on one hand the specialist think that they come from ancient Egypt because pictures with spotted dogs were found on the walls of tombs and on the other hand they think that this dog comes from a certain region in Croatia. Dalmatian are very athletic dogs because they were used a couple of centuries ago at keeping up with a carriage and protect it once it has reached its destination. The dalmatian has become the mascot of the firehouse because they were used to guard the firehouse.

They are very outgoing dogs and love playing fetch. You can keep one in an apartment or in a house town you must make sure that it gets its daily exercise. If they do not get to do their daily exercise the become very depressed and some times angry. Dalmatians are very needy when it comes to human contact so you should not leave it outside for long periods of time.

They shed a lot twice a year but they also shed all year round but not as much. If you brush its coat once a week you will be able to reduce the shedding. They have a short and shinny fur but is does not protect them from very cold or very hot weather.

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