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Posted On July - 11 - 2011

The Dachshund is an independent dog which has the habit of overwhelming you with its affection and personality. They are only happy when they are surrounded by lots of people, but especially its family. As sweet as it may be you must train it from a very early age because it can become stubborn.

Take it to the vet as soon as you get it and do not forget to go once a year to have the booster shots done. This booster shots help by increasing the dog’s immunity system to diseases. Ask your vet what is the best flea product for this breed. They worm once every three months.

The quality of the food you provide it should be high and should have meat as the main ingredients. Fibers should be 4 % or less, crude protein should be 30 % or more and crude fat should be 20 % or more. Do not give it food more than it normally needs because it gets fat easy.

If you have small children avoid letting them to play with the dachshund because they might bite them. You should socialize it with your children and with other animals.

They need daily exercise. When you play with your dog make sure it does not jump or jump too much because they damage their spine due to the fact that they have a long back.

They must be washed every month and have their nails trimmed once every three weeks. You have to brush the coat every day because they are medium shedders. Consider trimming the coat once or twice a year but go to a professional.

These dogs can develop health problems such as: heart diseases, obesity and ruptured or slipped spinal disks. They can grow in height up to 14 inches if they are small and 18 inches if they are normal. They can weigh up to 10 or 11 pounds if they are miniature dachshunds and up to 20 pounds if they are normal. They can live up to the age of 15 if they are properly taken care of.
Our advices are to never live the dog alone for long periods of time because they will start o dig holes in your yard, make sure you include it in all your daily activities and make sure that when you pick it up the back is horizontally aligned to prevent any back injuries.

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