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Chow Chow

Posted On August - 12 - 2011

The chow chow comes from Ancient China originary. Some dog specialists say that a long time ago they came from the Arctic and settled in Mongolia. Truth to be told they have a regal appearance and they have the features of both a bear and a lion. They were mostly used for herding, hunting and protection.

The head
The head of a Chow Chow is bigger that the rest of the body and has a facial a expression which gives you the impression that it is looking down at the world. They have a distinguishing feature which is the furrow who starts at the base of the muzzle and continues up to the forehead.

The eyes and ears
The eyes of the Chow are a dark brown color with a set of black rims surrounding them. They have their eyes set wide apart. They do not have v shape ears like most dogs have, they have ears which are rounded at the top, they are small in size and when they run they appear floppy.

Height and size
Their special feature is their blue black tong to go along wit their black lips. They can weigh between 40 to 70 lbs and they can reach the height of 17 to 20 inches. They come in five colors: black, blue, red colors, cream and cinnamon.

The fur/coat
They have a double layer of fur which can be smooth or coarse. The tail is feathered while the rest of the body is covered by a coat which has straight hairs and it is dense.


As son as they are old enough take them to an obedience class you will see the results in time. What eve r you do don’t punish them physically because they will respond very violently. This comes from the fact that the Chow resembles with the can who is more into pleasing herself than her owners.

If they feel that you are worthy they will be very loyal to you. They need to be treated with dignity. The Chow is very protective of its territory but it will accept strangers if it sees that the owners approve. They don’t like stranger, they like to spend time just with its owner or family.

This is a quite difficult breed so you should think very careful when you buy this dog. The digest problem this dog has is its character which is very difficult.

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