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Posted On September - 7 - 2011

The Chihuahua is a toy dog which is very sensitive. It can be found in a number of colors such as: brown, black, gray, blue, fawn or blond. It is very sensitive to the sun and they can suffer from heart stokes if it is left too much in the sun. This happens because it loves the sun so much. There are a couple of thing that you should do in order to have a clean and healthy companion.

Take your dog to the vet to have all its shots done also take it once a year to have its booster shots. Consult your vet about what are the best flea products for this breed and about worming your dog. The food you give it must be of high quality and have the main ingredient meat. The food must have the following balance: 4 % fiber, 30 % raw protein and 20 % raw fat. The meal should be served three times a day instead of one big meal.

If you have a Chihuahua with short hair all you have to do is brush it every day or clean it with a soft towel. If it has long hair just brush the fur every day to keep it smooth. When it comes to bathes for this breed you have to wash it once a month but be careful not to let the water get into its ears because it can develop and ear infection. Chihuahuas with long fur need more cleaning than the ones with short hair.

They do not need to be walked intensively but they do need daily exercise. They usually have bursts of energy during which they consume all their energy. An apartment is enough for them to play and do their daily exercise.

If you consider training you dog be gentle and try to make them socialize with other animals and children from an early age. Because they need a lot of love and attention coming from humans you should pet it whenever you get the chance.

If you live in a cold area or during winter the temperature is below 35 degrees F you should buy it a sweater in order to prevent it from getting sick.

They make perfect pets if you live in an apartment. All they need is a lot of attention, if you give them that then they are happy. Just follow the steps on cleaning, feeding and exercise and you will have a healthy dog.


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