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Cane Corso Italiano

Posted On August - 31 - 2011

The breed Cane Corso is also known under the name of Italian Mastiff. The dog dates back to the ancient Rome when it was used as a farm dog. A lot of specialist think that the Corso is a descendent of a breed which was used it time of war, Canis Pugnix. Because of this link many people assume that this type of dog as a tendency to be aggressive which is so untrue. In ancient times it was not allowed to mix the Cane Corso with the Canis Pugnix because they did not want the blood of the Pugnix to be washed away. The Cane Corso was meant to be a protector of the farm and a watch dog.

The dog weighs about 100 pounds and can reach up to 27 inches in height. It has a muscular type of body with thick skin. The tail is a few inches long and stump and at the neck it has a unique characteristic which is a barrel extending to the elbows of the dogs legs.

As far as fur in concerned it comes in three different colors: tan, grey-blue and black and it has a length between ¾ of an inch to ¼ depending on which part of the body we are looking for. Some Corso’s have white spots on their toes and chest.

The head of the Cane Corso Italiano is very big, wide and round at the top with ears flopping on each side. The neck of the dog is long, round and very muscular. The muzzle appears very powerful and it is shaped like a box. The lips have a slab look but they are thick.

Because the Cane Corso is very intelligent it is very hard to train but it is not impossible. They are very good with children because they are kind, loyal to the family and gentle. Another good news for you is that this dog will not wonder off on its own and will never pick a fight with other dogs unless he is attacked or it feel that its family is in danger. This type of dog needs a lot of exercise because of its size so you should take it twice a day for long walks. Other than this the Corso has a very balanced personality no matter the situation he finds himself in which is good if you have children to worry about.

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