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Posted On August - 19 - 2011

The Briard is very old, ancient actually, French breed used as a sheep dog. Through time this dog was owned by a group of very important people: Thomas Jefferson, Les Marquis de Lafayette, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charlemagle. It is assumed that the dogs name comes from Aubry of Montdidierm, a man who is supposed to have had one of the first Briard dogs. The other story is that the name comes from a french small town called Brie but this dog does not seem to have originated from this part of France. Using their excellent hearing they can detect sheep who have gotten lost or other creatures that are living in the area. Because of its great intelligence the Briard was used by the Red Cross in the first World War to find soldiers who were wounded on the battlefield.

Size and weight

This dog weighs between 65 and 90 pounds and can reach in height up to 25 inches. The legs from the rear are angled backwards and the seldom have a sloped back. They have two dewclaws in stead of one which is present at all Shepard dogs.

The fur

The fur of an adult can reach up to 6 inches, it is extraordinary and easy to spot. It is bushy and coarse to the touch. The color of the dos is distributed like this: the legs and the underbelly are in a lighter color and at the throat and chin the color is darker.

The head of the Briard is unusually long but it does not look skinny because of its fur. The ears are short and wide and they stand up, pointed, all the time. They are placed very to the side of the head. When in comes ti vision this breed does not stand so good at this chapter, their eyes are small and dark but they do not see very well. The muzzle is square and dark. The dog does not look at all slender even thou it is. The reason why it appears larger than it is , is the thick mustache and beard. The face of this breed is very expressive.


The Briard is a farm dog which is why it needs to have a large space to run, it needs to spend time with its family and they need to do something every day. If you have children, or people with children over be careful because it does not tolerate to be mishandled.

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