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Boxer Dog

Posted On August - 26 - 2011

The boxer comes from Germany and its ancestorss are two mastiff breeds: the barenbeiszer and the bullenbeiszer. In order to create the boxer that we know today people bred the two mastiffs with bulldogs. The activities at which they were used were: hunting, protecting their home, pit fighting, pull carting and bull baiting. As we know from history, the boxer attack its pray by hitting it with its paws after which it leaped back out of range. They were called boxers because of their unique way of fighting. The years had past and the Boxer started to be used for herding cattle. Nowadays, they are used mostly in police as rescue dogs or search dogs simply because of their remarkable intelligence and agility.


A boxer has an average weight of 60 pounds and can reach up to two feet high. In this type of breed the female is smaller and slender than the male. The shape of the boxers body is square, with a wide chest , straight and long front legs, a short tail and rear legs shorter than the vertical lines.


The boxer does not shed and it has a short and shinny fur. They come in colors near brown such as light brown. White spots can be present on the dogs body on the chest, legs, face, nose and back.

Its head

The neck of the boxer is long and thick and along with the head they are proportionate with the rest of the body. The nose is flat with open nostrils. The head of this breed is square.

The ears are triangular shaped and are up when they are attentive and left down on the sides when they are relaxed. The eyes are dark with dark fur surrounding them. They have thick lips.

If you have children you can rest assured that they will not be harmed because boxer work very well with them, also they are cal around stranger once they are assured that they do not represent a threat to their family. If they encounter a stranger they will keep them at distance just by barking at him and it will seem aggressive but it will never attack.

They are very playful and they will do anything to get your attention, they will jump or start pick up small things from the house if they think that you will not get upset.

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