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Boston Terrier

Posted On August - 16 - 2011

The Boston Terrier is also known as The American Gentleman. It looks like a cute, very alert and formally dressed dog. Even though this dog was created from mixing fighting dog breeds the Boston terrier is a family dog, it prefers the company of people around it.

The original American Boston terrier was created from breeding a English Terrier with a English Bulldog. This type of dog comes, more exactly, from Boston, Massachusetts and was initially created as a fighting dog but over the years it has become more affectionate and gentle. It was called for the first time the Boston terrier in 1891.

The Boston terrier who has short hair has a compact type of body, with a strong chest, round head and very well muscled haunches. They come in few colors: brindle and white, black and white. The average weight of the Boston dog is of 25 pound fut in can reach up to 40 pounds. The height of the terrier is between 15 to 17 inches.

Because of its loyal attitude and gentle behavior it is very popular as a pet among dog lovers. It can adapt easily to a small yard or apartments also it needs moderate exercise, minimal grooming but it does need a lot of attention.

The health problems that a terrier may have is related to breathing. Other important medical problems that it may have are: legs problems, knees problems, spinal deformities and cataract.


The Boston terrier breed in very well mannered, intelligent and kind. Make sure your dog does enough exercise daily because if not it will become irritable and sad. This type of dog is not hard to train, just watch out for the tone in your voice because the Boston terrier needs a leader type of owner. When it comes to socializing you have nothing to worry about, it is very friendly and patient with children and older people also he does not have a problem with strangers. The Boston terrier really likes to hang out with a family so just throw it a ball and it will feel on top of the world.

This breed is perfect if you have a small apartment and you want to get a dog, also if you have children. They don’t need much grooming so it is perfect if you are a busy person and you will not have to worry about friends coming over.

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