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Border Terrier

Posted On June - 28 - 2011

The Border Terrier comes from a border area between Scotland and England called Cheviot Hills. They were used at hunting and killing foxes from the farms. In spite of being a small breed and having short, muscular legs this dog can challenge a horse and run with him at full gallop without any problems, it is full of speed and stamina. The Border was often used in sports such as fix hunting and was also used for hunting small mammals. In time this dog has gained the title of house pet because of its friendly and caring personality.

The weight of the Border Terrier is under 14 pounds and the height is under a foot. The legs from the back angle back while the front feet angle forward. Its back arches in the vicinity of the withers. The tail is always hold energetically up and it is thick and less than the half of the digs size.

The fur of the Border is very short, shinny and comes in a mix of colors. Because of the mix of colors in the dogs fur at time it may look dirty even when it is not. The colors found in the mix are red, tand and grizzled weath. Some dogs can have white spots of the chest.

The head of this breed is wide, with a little black nose and deep brown expressive eyes. The ears are folded over themselves and are triangular shaped. It usually keeps its mouth open thus giving the impression that it is always smiling. The bears which grow on the dog’s lips and chin are similar to the facial hair of the otter breed. This the over all appearance of the Border Terrier.

The Border Terrier gets along very well with children because it is very affectionate thus making it an appropriate household pet. The are not very active when kept indoors but you should take it on a walk daily just to make sure that it stays healthy physically and mentally. If you want to leave him outdoors be careful because they like to dig holes mostly because they were used at rabbit hunting and foxes. They can be trained easily because they adapt very well to new environments and they are always eager to please. It is not a good watch dog because the only thing that he will do if it sees an intruder is bark.

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