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Posted On June - 27 - 2011

The bloodhound has the best nose in the world and it is the largest in size from its hound breed. They are very good with children but they are not recommended for people who have not had a dog before because they are very energetic and stubborn. This dog has always a positive disposition and is at all times ready to play.

The bloodhound was first recognized in 1885 by the American Kennel Club. Specialist say that the bloodhound was born before christian times in the south of Europe. In the book Historia Animalium written by Claudius Aelianus is is said that the bloodhound tracks its prey through smell , it is also said that it has the most powerful smell in the world.

It is a large dog which weighs between 80 and 110 lbs. The eyes are sucked is very deep into the skull giving the dogs a serious attitude. The ears of the dog are long and folded. The come in few colors: red, tawny and red, tan and black and liver and tan.

They are big and always ready to play. They have to be cleaned often because they like to roll around in mud, are slobbery and also like to play in smelly things. They are very destructive if they don not get their daily exercise, they start to dig holes in the ground, the jump fences, they start eating towels, furniture and the remote from the television.

They have a great seance of smell which some times can get them into trouble. Although they have a powerful sense of smell they have problems with their hearing which makes them unable to respond to their owners commands. The owner should use the leash training type also they should not be left off the leash unless you are in a secure area.

According to the Dog Breed Info Center if the blood hunter is properly trained it can be of help to people. They are used, because of their powerful smell, at tracking missing people and criminals also to smell hidden drugs. The bloodhound can sense smell which can be up to100 hours old and also it can track a smell within an area of 100 miles.

You will not get bored with this dog because of its intelligence and full of energy. If you love hunting that you probably already know that you should have this dog by your side.

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