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Bedlington Terrier

Posted On August - 18 - 2011

The Bedlington Terrier was originally called the Rothbury terrier and it is and English dog. The first purpose of this dog was to be used in sports, this happened in 1800. The were bred to compete in fighting pits, to hunt for rabbits, rats and other rodents and also for swimming. Over time their appearance and behavior has changed due to the fact that people had started to treat them better. The firs exhibition of the Bedlington Terrier was done in 1877 and they quickly sticked to dog lovers because of their energetic personality and self sufficient nature. Here are some specific characteristics for the Bedlington Terrier.

Its body

The Bedlington Terrier weighs between 18 and 23 pounds and has a height of approximately 17 inches at the shoulder and a foot higher at the skull. The first impression when you look at this breed is that of looking at a lamb. They have a tail that is almost non existing, straight front legs, a tubular body and the rear legs are cocked. The walk of this dog resembles to that of a lamb.

The fur

The fur of the Bedlington is like lamb wool and comes in white or tan colors. The fur is usually clean and fluffy and the best thing is that it does not shed. The fur of the dog covers the dog uniformly from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

The head

The skull of the Bellington terrier is not your usual dog head, it makes a smooth incline from the tip of the crown to the snout. There are not signs to indicate the end of the skull and the start of the muzzle. This is the distinguishing feature of its breed.

They are very fast and vicious when it comes to fighting with other animals and it has no problem in picking a fight with a dog that is bigger in size and weight. This should not alarm you because they are not violent with their owners. If you have other animals when you buy this dog you should start socializing it with them from an early age. They will attach strangers that are coming to visit if they feel that they are invading their territory.

They are very fast and simply love to chance anything that runs so do not go with them outside with no leash on.

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