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Posted On August - 7 - 2011

The Beauceron is a french dog used to herd sheep and cattle. It is also known as La Beauce. This breed is very popular in France and the west of Europe but a few examples exist also in North America. It is a medium size dog, intelligent, protective and friendly. The Bouncer was used in the World War I and II as a messenger. They are perfect for a family who has children because they are very gentle and great caretakers. If they are taken care of properly they can live up to 12 years.

Make sure your Baouncer works out every day, they need a lot of physical activity. You can take them for long walks or runs, they will love it and they will get to achieve their needed daily activity. To prevent him from getting bored and also to keep him fit try playing with him in the backyard or in the park.

Make sure it eats proper food, avoid as much as possible giving him the same food you eat. Before you buy its food check the label for fish, poultry or meat. Other ingredients will make your dog gain weight and have digestive problems.

Brush your Baouncer every week in order to keep it healthy. It does not need any special care except brushing because it makes its fur shiny. As far as bathing it is concerned you should do it when it is dirty or every couple of weeks. Make sure you use a soft skin in order to prevent dry skin.

Unlike any other dogs, if you plan to get a Bouncer you should know that you will have to wash his teeth using a special toothbrush and a special toothpaste. You do not need to learn any special technique, wash its teeth like you wash yours just make sure that you brush both the front and the back of the teeth. Do not panic that it may swallow the toothpaste, since it has been designed especially for them there is no problem if they ingest them.

If you have children and want to get a dog this will probably be the prefect one for you. If you are an active person you will have no problem in getting its daily excise done. Just stick to the basic rules of cleaning, feeding and grooming and you will have a happy dog to go along with your happy family.

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