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  • Boxer Dog

    The boxer comes from Germany and its ancestorss are two mastiff breeds: the barenbeiszer and the bullenbeiszer. In order to create the boxer that we know today people bred the two mastiffs with bulldogs. The activities at which they were used were: hunting, protecting their home, pit fighting, pull carting and bull baiting. As we know from history, the boxer attack its pray by hitting it with its paws after which it leaped back out of range. They were called boxers because of their unique way of... Read→

  • Beagles

    The Beagle is known for its small size and also for the famous small hunting games it was used in. They are full of energy, friendly and are very popular in the United State of America. If you are thinking of buying a beagle make sure you research thoroughly so as to be sure that you have made the best decision. There are two different types of beagles. One type of beagle is used for shows while the other is used for field. The ones which... Read→

  • How to care for a Cocker Spaniel

    The Cocker Spaniel is a dog which can be satisfied to living in an apartment but at some point it will need a back yard to play and exercise in. They need exercise every day in order to keep healthy both physically and mentally. They are great around children and pets but they do need to be house trained because they tend to bark a lot. Here are a few steps on how to take care of your Cocker Spaniel: 1. You should only feed your Cocker... Read→

  • The Siberian Husky

    Siberian Husky is a breed of Nordic dogs who impresses very much by their blue metallic eyes and the facial expression. These dogs are not for everybody as they have an extremely independent nature and are recognized as being very difficult to train. The dogs from this breed kept mostly the wild animal instinct and the desire to go whenever their instincts bear them. That’s why it is indicated to use a leash every time you will walk them. ... Read→

  • The English Bulldog

    The English bulldog is one of the oldest canine breed, his history being as old as England’s history. Thanks to his courage and intelligence he is also called “Churchill dog” and the British consider it the national breed dogs. The first stories about this breed of dogs are from XVII century when it is said these dogs were used in bull and other big animal fights. After almost one century fights were prohibited and the breed was... Read→

Much like you need to call 911 when a family member is having an emergency, you may need to take your pet to an emergency clinic in special circumstances. A veterinarian emergency clinic is typically open 24/7, and you need to have a good reason. If you see any of these signs in your pet, ensure that you take your pet to the clinic to ensure that it gets the help it needs. Bleeding and swelling are the first symptoms you should look for.... Read→

The Affenpinscher

Posted On March - 2 - 2014

It is no secret that a dog can be our best friend, especially if we know how to train it. Many families like to have around a pet to play with their kids and, since there are so many dog breeds, it becomes very important to know what type of dog to select for you and your family. Luckily, you should know that most dogs can be trained and can turn into companion dogs, so not to worry as no matter the choice you have in breeds, you will surely not go wrong with your dog. However, in this article we... Read→

The American Foxhound

Posted On December - 15 - 2013

The American Foxhound is a scent hound bred to hunt foxes and which originates from its cousin, the English Foxhound. The history of this dog in America is actually linked to great personalities like President George Washington, which received some specimens from the Marquis de Lafayette, and which were descended from a 300-year old breed kept by Robert Brooke. When they were crossed with French hounds, they became what we know today as American Foxhound. ... Read→

The American Akita

Posted On November - 20 - 2013

If you want to have around a dog that can be easily trained and taught to bark only on your command, or when alerting you to intruders or potential danger, then maybe you will like to consider purchasing an American Atika. The first thing you need to know is that this breed is considered to originate from the Japanese Akita, which is the Akita Inu. These days, both breeds can be found in specialized breeders and people can select among... Read→

The Alaskan Malamute

Posted On October - 30 - 2013

When it comes to dog breeds and types, people can choose whatever canine they like more from toy dogs like Spaniels or Terriers to large dogs like Alaskan Malamutes. However, you should know that the reason most dog owners prefer large or small-sized dogs is that these dogs are easier to train and they are very intelligent creatures that can understand owners, when they need to be alone and also safely play with their children. Small dogs have proven to be quite stubborn and independent, which is... Read→

How to Care for Dog Puppies

Posted On October - 28 - 2013

Taking care of an animal, a pet is a big responsibility, because you have to provide everything for them. It’s best when you adopt them young, so they grow up being used to you and look at you as their owner, or the alpha of the pack, thus being obedient and loyal. In what follows we are going to give you a few pieces of advice about caring for puppies; no matter what breed they are, there are certain things you have to do for them from the moment you bring them home. The first step however, is... Read→

Dog boot camp

Posted On July - 30 - 2013

Getting a new pet is a huge responsibility. It means you’ll have to care for another living creature that cannot communicate its feelings and desires. You have to compensate and be intuitive for the animal, making sure all its basic needs are met. In addition to feeding and watering your pet, it’s also vital that you’re able to spend a substantial amount of time with it. Neglecting your pet will only result in distress and poor behavior from the animal. ... Read→

The Afghan Hound

Posted On July - 14 - 2013

There are innumerable dog breeds and types one can select among, in order to purchase a puppy to take home. You probably know that some dogs are great to play with little ones, whilst others make good companion dogs for those who want to relax in parks and need a friend to walk with. If you want to find out more about a dog that can be both friendly to children and a playful and loving companion, then stick close and read on this article in which we will present you the Afghan Hound. ... Read→

Understanding Shock Collars

Posted On June - 20 - 2013

Containment systems Shock collars are used mainly as a pet containment system for dogs that need to be kept inside the area of the residence where a psychical fence is prohibited by local laws or homeowners’ associations. An in-ground installation can be installed, or an above ground system if the first method is not sufficient. The wires do not carry any electrical current, instead they transmit a radio signal to the collar. Inside the house, a wireless system is often used to keep dogs from... Read→

Dogtra training collars

Posted On June - 19 - 2013

Dogs are man’s best friends, right? Well, if that is true, then Dogtra training collars for dogs have to be man’s second-best friends at least. What is the first thing you think of when you hear that phrase? Training collar? Most people think of totally inhumane shock collars. You are probably one of the millions of pet owners who would never subject their beloved family member to such barbaric training practices. Well, Dogtra is changing the way you think about this particular subject. ... Read→

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